Educational activities

Presentations by the Expanded Access Program for Convalescent Plasma team.

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Sample data form used by the Expanded Access Program for Convalescent Plasma team.

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Articles authored by the Expanded Access Program for Convalescent Plasma team.

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EAP for Convalescent Plasma

Expanded Access Program for Convalescent Plasma reference materials.

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Program highlights

  • A report has been published on the demographic, geographical and chronological characteristics of patients in the EAP, and key safety metrics following transfusion of COVID-19 convalescent plasma. Read the report.
  • The first report has been published of very high-titer convalescent plasma (i.e., “Vax-plasma”) treatment in an immunocompromised COVID-19 patient unable to mount normal antibody responses to the disease. Read the report.

  • A paper has been published examining daily improvements in hospitalized patients treated with convalescent plasma in the Mayo Clinic Expanded Access Program and describes the time course of change in clinical status following plasma transfusion in relation to baseline disease severity. Learn more.

  • Sample program data entry forms have been added in the Physicians section. View the PDF.
  • A list of educational activities provided by the EAP team has been added in a new section. See the list.
  • included in national archive

    The website is in the nation's historic Coronavirus Web Archive due to the importance of the Expanded Access Program in response to the pandemic and Mayo Clinic's leadership role. Archived information is on their public access website.

  • Data analysis

    The EAP team continues to analyze data from the program and publish its findings, which were an important component of the scientific evidence considered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the decision to issue an Emergency Use Authorization on August 23, 2020, to permit the use of convalescent plasma for treatment in hospitalized patients with COVID-19.

Historical EAP program participation

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