EAP for convalescent plasma no longer enrolling; the FDA authorized emergency use.

See "EAP to EUA transition" box for physician instructions

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EAP to EUA transition

  • The US COVID Plasma Team is currently focused on collecting missing information and verifying the accuracy of information for each patient enrolled in the EAP.
  • Top priorities

    1. Ensuring physician information is accurate
    2. Ensuring information on the patient is accurate
  • Complete data is vital

    We will improve the accuracy of patient data by:

    • Pursuing delinquent reporting by physicians
    • Obtaining missing medical history information
    • Correcting incorrect data entries (e.g., date of birth)
    • Following up on other missing information, such as when the patient was discharged
  • The US COVID Plasma Data Team contacts site physicians and study coordinators via email and phone to obtain missing data.

  • If you have any incomplete forms, the information must be completed by November 15 or your site will be reported as a protocol deviation to the FDA.

Historical EAP program participation

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